“HeritageCrowd  attempts to take these issues into account as we provide tools for the group expression of local history and heritage in certain rural communities in Eastern Canada, using low-tech ‘old digital media’ such as short-message service (SMS) and voice mail, built into a web-based system.We wanted to bring the potential of digital technology to bear on a region with relatively low internet access, but also a relatively high interest in local history.” – Graham, Massie & Feuerherm.

In May 2012, the HeritageCrowd project was maliciously hacked and is off-line, as described in Shawn Graham, “How I Lost the Crowd: A Tale of Sorrow and Hope, Electric Archaeology, May 18, 2012, http://electricarchaeologist.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/how-i-lost-the-crowd-a-tale-of-sorrow-and-hope/.

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