FYSM1405a Digital History (Antiquity)

This seminar looks at the ways history can be represented, explored, and written using various digital tools. It also explores how media of communication more generally affect society, from antiquity to the modern day. 3000 years ago, literacy and the power to record history were the privileges of the few. To record the past was to control it. 3000 years later, and the inverse is true: literacy is widespread, and every voice has an outlet on the internet; who then controls the past? When you add the internet to the mix, how does history change? This course will survey various concepts and tools currently being used in ‘Digital History’, especially as they concern the representation of Greco-Roman antiquity. Topics to be discussed may include data mining, agent based modeling, geographic information systems, and serious games. We will explore these topics through various mini-projects; be prepared to engage in group work.

1405a syllabus -july 29 version – sgraham

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