HIST5702x Digital History

In this seminar, we will be looking at what Digital History is, the ways it changes the questions we can ask about history, the way digital methods change what it is even feasible to ask, and how we communicate this research to a wider public. Technology is not neutral, and we will be exploring the ramifications of that realisation.

Given that many digital tools are also new media tools, the practice of digital history is also often a kind of public history. This course will explore various concepts and tools currently being used in Digital History. Topics to be discussed may include data mining & text analysis, mobile computing & geographic information systems, and serious games.

In terms of major project work to put these ideas into practice, we will be building an augmented reality application connected with the history of the City of Ottawa. We won?t however be building this from scratch. Rather, we will be exploring the various platforms that exist to see if we can mash up various services to create a viable product. What are the implications for telling history in this way?
One of our outcomes will be a how-to digital handbook for historical societies and others, so that augmented reality becomes a possibility for a wider range of creators, storytellers, and historians.

HIST5702 syllabus

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