Historical Friction

“History is all around us. The voices of the past thicken the air, calling out for your attention. When it all gets too much, pull the ear-buds out, stop, and look at where you are with fresh eyes, in the new silence…”

Historical Friction is an app that makes it difficult to move through the historically ‘thick’ places – interwoven, interlayerd voices clamor for your attention when you are in a place that is historically dense with information. It ‘visualizes’ history, but privileges other senses. It allows the user to hear the thickness, the discords, of history. The user is arrested by the noise, and stops still in his or her tracks, is forced to take the headphones off, and to really pay attention to the surroundings.

It may be experienced here. It works best on the desktop, although as currently constituted it does work to a degree on mobile Android devices running Mozilla Firefox. The code has been shared in my repository on Github.

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